While discussions of our country's economic troubles, rising inequality, and vast racial disparities are common, there is relative silence when it comes to practical solutions.
"Reclaiming the American Dream" changes the conversation, offering a blueprint for leaders and activists to take action and bring proven solutions from across the country to their own backyards.

Knocking down barriers to the American Dream is the best thing we can do to build a stronger country and a more just society. Doing it requires a dedicated national effort and, as Ben shows, it can be led from the ground up.

Everyone has their vision of the American Dream and if the United States is to realize that dream, it needs surefire ways to bring the best ideas to scale...Ben's compelling and optimistic case studies show that committing to embracing evidence-based solutions and taking them to scale is the best way of ensure equity, inclusion, and a better life for all. This text is a gift to America.

Ben Hecht's captivating book clearly lays out a series of powerful and achievable cures for our nation's ills. He has identified smart, sound strategies that if adopted everywhere would make a difference to millions of Americans, right now. Our challenge is clear.

Ben Hecht has exposed one of America's greatest secrets: we already have proven solutions to many of our greatest problems. We just need them to be adopted everywhere. This book is the blueprint we all need to do that.



The solutions to combat long-standing racial disparities and restore America as a land of opportunity already exist.


For decades, civic leaders in communities across the country—fed up with the political paralysis in Washington, D.C.—have been taking proactive measures to dramatically reduce inequality in their own backyards. 

In rural Southwest Texas, Luis Silos recently graduated from high school having earned both a high school diploma and an associate’s degree, at no cost. He joins tens of thousands of students across 28 states who have benefited from similar efforts. In St. Paul, Minneapolis, a down-payment assistance and flexible mortgage program enabled Jon Li to not only achieve his dream of homeownership but also to generate enough income wealth to launch his own business. More than 50,000 Americans across 48 states have similar success stories.

In place after place, these solutions were brought to life through the actions of everyday leaders— elected officials, philanthropists, corporate heads, and engaged neighbors— who committed to work together differently. Following their lead, each of us can act right now to secure the economic future of our country and help level the playing field for struggling Americans everywhere.

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